• Alan and Shirl

    Happily living at 26 Miromiro Drive, SeaviewKaikoura’s.

    "We’ve had a holiday house for a number of years in South Bay, so retiring in Kaikoura was a no brainer. It has everything we need. What we wanted though was a low maintenance home of our choice, providing views of this incredible area. A drive up to SeaviewKaikoura’s confirmed where this home had to be. We can still keep an eye on South Bay from where we are, the plus is we have a spectacular view of the Kaikoura’s as well. The views just go, forever. Planning, and the build was so easy. That had a lot to do with Richard of SeaviewKaikoura’s. He made everything as hassle-free as possible for us. We’re happy because life’s great here."

  • Ken and Joy

    Retired farmer, formally from North Canterbury. Soon to be at 72 Shearwater Drive, SeaviewKaikoura’s.

    "We had a good look around all regions before deciding upon SeaviewKaikoura’s. In the end, nothing else on the market came close to what we could get for our dollar here. Open spaces, friendly township with everything you need close by, and a lifestyle that’s hard to beat. Pacific Ocean on one side with all that it can provide, turn around, and you have the spectacular Kaikoura’s as an alternative to view. Where else could you get that? Buildings just about finished. We both can’t wait to move in. Yes, life’s going to be great for us now."

  • Heather

    A Hutton’s Shearwater who lives quite happily in the Seaward Kaikoura’s and on the peninsular during the breeding season. Often to be seen out with a few chums off the Kaikoura coast feeding on crustacean or diving for small fish.

    The Kaikoura community have been closely involved with this seabird. Setting up a Charitable Trust to encourage and promote the preservation, research, public education and sustainable management of this resident. It seemed only natural to name one of SeaviewKaikoura’s streets after this delightful neighbour.

  • Tom

    A Miromiro, or South Island tomtit. Often seen hanging out with his partner in the area. Once they have set up house, they don’t venture far as they are quite happy to stay local all their life.

    Tom’s noted for his cheery little song which he repeats without much variation at frequent intervals. His partner is a little more low-key, maybe she has other things on her mind. As a genuine loyal local, we had to name one of the roads after this happy resident.

  • Polly

    Everybody has to have a neighbourly Pukeko. She is often seen prowling around for insects, frogs and the like.

    As a resident, she never seems to get into much of a flap. Might have a lot to do with her flying skills. Our well established reserve is a popular haunt for her along with a lot of other native bird life. It seems only right to name one of our streets after this curious local, Pukeko Place.

    Photograph: Sid Mosdell